I was brought up in Russia, lived in Israel for 9 years and then moved to the US. I can definitely feel that my personality is more of a puzzle of different cultures.

My background is from Fine Art field. I began by studying Art History (BA, Israel), then moved to painting which brought me to pursue the MFA in Painting at the New York Studio School. Somewhere on the way I became interested in textile design and never looked back. I treat every print as a work of art. I enjoy all stages: research, exploration, drawing and painting motifs, manipulating them on the computer and then seeing how elements put together come to life and create a unique story.

I really love the multicultural aspect of textile design. I am always eager to learn about other countries’ traditions and their visual language. This knowledge is interpreted in a very personal way and translated later into textile prints. I also find inspiration in my surroundings and every day experiences. Nature is the source of endless possibilities. Trends are very important in my research as they ensure the prints have a commercial appeal. It is very inspiring to look at designers’ collections as they often challenge the familiar and bring new vision.

Working as a freelance textile designer for a print studio I created prints for apparel and home décor markets among others. The themes I explored during this time were intricate paisleys, dense ethnic prints, elegant floral designs, bright tropics, and dynamic abstracts. I have a bigger library of prints that can be viewed upon request and available for purchase or license. To stay in touch and get a preview of new work, please, subscribe to a newsletter.